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Rosberg to compete in triathlon

1 May 2011 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Make sure to have a large meal right before the swim Nico.
nico   Nico Rosberg
Unconcentional advice Michael, but I will give it a go. Perhaps this is one of those secrets I am privileged to get by being the teammate of a 7 time champion and legend.
bestofbritish   Jenson Button
BEst of luck Nico, if you need a training partner let me know, we could work on your backstroke.
nico   Nico Rosberg
Thanks Jenson but I think I'm OK, although my back is a little sore from sitting in those DTM machines, I think I'll stick to F1.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Shame, I wouldn't rush to any decision, the DTM might be your only chance of ever winning a race.
schumi   Ralf Schumacher
It is indeed very competitive, I have not won a DTM race yet, and only have the one podium so far.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Wow Ralf, sounds like it's heading the way of the unbridled success you enjoyed in F1. Even Tom Kristensen won in DTM.
TomK_8   Tom Kristensen
I won four DTM races Michael, which is still only half as many times as I won at Le Mans.
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
Maybe I should do some DTM too, it could help me improve my race-craft. I must remember that advice about eating before swimming too.
diResta   Paul di Resta
I was the DTM champion last year, which really means I would have been F1 champion if I had been racing F1 cars instead.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Impressive, you even beat Coulthard.
DC   David Coulthard
They told me I would be driving a Mercedes so I assumed I would be Michael's new teammate. How was I supposed to know they made other types of car.

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