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Mansell: F1 season so far "absolutely fantastic"

19 May 2011 - Source
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Mesmerising article Nige. Here's a summary for those who fell asleep: Vettel is winning, Red Bull are fastest. McLaren and Ferrari are slower.
NigelErnestJamesMansellOBE   Nigel Mansell
Thanks for that summary Fernando, although I think you missed some of the highlights of the conversation. Believe it or not, despite the article's deceptive short length, it was a very in-depth and engaging conversation in which many viewpoints were put forward. Unfortunately it was merely my controversial views which were put forth in print. I would never be so presumptuous as to suggest that one team's racing vehicle is superior to another, although based on results up to now and taking into account tyre issues, changing rules, weather patterns and upcoming innovations from the teams, I think it is somewhat acceptable to come to the conclusion that Red Bull have slightly more points than the other teams. As you know, I have no fear of controversy when I feel I am justified in my beliefs, thus I stand by my statement that Sebastian Vettel is in the lead of the current Formula 1 World Drivers Championship.
sbstnvtl   Sebastian Vettel
Wooo. That's what I'm talking about. Awesome.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
That's great Nige. I was more interested in the fact that you mentioned me as a possible winner, but never once mentioned Massa.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Nige still prefers me over you Nando. He called me by my first name in the article.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Yes, much as I desperately clamour for his attention, Mansell still only praises me to high heavens using my surname.
DC   David Coulthard
Don't Spanish people say their names backwards? You know, like Jackie Chan?
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
I can't believe you didn't mention me Nigel. These guys didn't even exist when I was racing wheel to wheel with you in the 90's. It's so unfair.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
He thought it better to mention Schumi, someone from that era who still has a career outside of the GPDA meeting room.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
Yeah, but he did say Schumi should quit at the end of the year and he didn't say that about me. Ha!
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Better to quit at the end of the year than to quit mid-season because you were replaced by Coulthard, and then were to fat to fit in your McLaren, eh Nige?
DC   David Coulthard
I didn't know Nige was a commentator before me. Sorry Nige.
MBrundle   Martin Brundle
He meant in the Williams in 1995 David. I'm not sure Nige is cut out for commentating.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Yeah, there's no way Mansell could drivel on about nothing for hours on end.

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