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Williams talks leave Barrichello in limbo

Williams co-owner Toto Wolff has confirmed that as well as negotiations with Raikkonen on a return to F1, they also have other drivers in the pipeline. "There is another aggressive option with the boy Jules Bianchi, and Valtteri Bottas is worthy of consideration at least for Friday's practice." The team have scored only five points this season, with Barrichello managing only two top-ten finishes.

10 November 2011 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Fourth choice at best Rubens, maybe they'll keep you on as the spare prick who drives the simulator every few months.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
This is really unfair. I don't want to finish in Brazil, I am always really unlucky there, which is doubly unfair because I grew up next to the circuit.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Hopefully you can bow out with a bang and get that hat-trick of top-tens this year.
FastEddie   Eddie Irvine
I'll give you a free Fast-Eddie piece of advice for life after F1 Rubens, don't break your neck in a local superbike series.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I'm surprised your neck is in one piece with all that bullshit making it's way to your mouth Irvine. I'll miss Rubens just as much as I missed you, and almost as much as I miss having my mullet and moustache.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
I'm the one who complains to the team all year Michael, Kimi won't be able to identify all the insurmountable problems as well as I can.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I'm sure Williams will be looking forward to getting some positive feedback from a refreshed, enthusiastic, hungry, inspirational, former World Champion.
Williams   Frank Williams
Christ, why do I bother.
NigelErnestJamesMansellOBE   Nigel Mansell
Given Rubens may be forced into retirement, this has led me to reflect that I was no stranger to retirement myself in my Formula One career. I first decided to retire after a disappointing British GP in front of my adoring home fans, when it later transpired that my mechanics had acted in poor faith and without my knowledge to swap my chassis with that of my teammate Alain Prost. Having been persuaded out of retirement by an offer to drive for veteran team owner Frank Williams, I enjoyed a second wind in my career, culminating in a glorious 1992 season, with a record 9 wins in one season, subsequently surpassed by Michael Schumacher, as well as 14 poles, which is still a record. I then retired a second time when it transpired that Williams had acted in poor faith and without my knowledge to sign Alain Prost for 1993, only to be lured by the thrill of Indycar racng, becoming the only driver to concurrently be F1 and Indycar champion. I then retired from Indycar, returning to F1 for a final win for Williams in the 1994 Australian GP, before an ill-fated stint with McLaren, which led me to retire for the third, and as it transpired, final time.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Mother of God, you nearly forced me into retirement with that. Prost really screwed you over then, he must have been learning a few tricks from Senna..
prost   Alain Prost
Salut, il y a une boulangerie pres d'ici?
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Frickin Prost, you're crazy man.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
The Senna DVD came out a few weeks back, he must be watching it at home.
prost   Alain Prost
Excusez moi, ou sont les toilettes?
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
I don't think Rubens is in Limbo Fernando, he was alive and well the last time I saw him.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Don't take everything literally Ambrosia, like when people say you're a Virgin driver.....oh wait. No worries, I'll help you remedy that.
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
I don't know Fernando, my mother said girls are bad for my driving, and she told me to be good on GP weekends or she won't pack my bag anymore.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Just bring loads of alcohol with you to Abu Dhabi, get blind drunk and chat up every woman you see. It's party central there, they'll love that.

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