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Button disappointed Barrichello didn't get a big send-off

Jenson Button has said that he wishes Barrichello had accepted that he wouldn't have a drive in 2012, so he could then have had a farewell bash. "I think we were all very disappointed that he wasn't going to be racing this year and also disappointed that Rubens decided to fight to race in F1, because we didn't get to have a big party at the end of the year in Brazil."

16 March 2012 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Aww shucks, I was hoping he'd get one too. I was really looking forward to not turning up.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
That's just rude Michael, after everything I've done for you the least you could do is turn up to my big farewell party.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Maybe I would Barrichello, if you had even bothered to turn up for the whole 2011 season.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
That's so unfair Michael, as usual I was a victim of circumstances, the Williams car was useless and the team just dragged me down to their level.
Williams   Frank Williams
Despite you never saying a bad word about us all year Rubens. By the way, our "level" currently stands at 9 constructors and 7 driver championships, if we knew you were that good maybe we'd have renewed your contract.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Keep looking after that time-machine Frank, the journey back gets longer with every passing year.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
At least I beat my teammate Michael, that's more than you can say these days.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I use an abacus to count how many team-mates I've trounced Barrichello, with an extra row of beads for you. Anyway, I believe the only person McDonalds has ever beaten is the Hamburglar, and that was a midget hampered by a very awkward costume.
Pastor   Pastor Maldonado
What are you talking about Michael, I don't know anyone called Hamburglar. You must be thinking about something completely different to Formula 1.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Am I really? Seems to me you're still a clown, the only difference is you're now a wacky advertisement for a Venezuelan oil company instead of french-fries.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I'm surprised you forgot about our other fallen comrades Button, Barrichello wasn't the only one left in the lurch for the new season.
bestofbritish   Jenson Button
Ooh, don't be afraid to lurch if you fall over this comrade Fernando. It's never lonely to be left on these rocks, and I guarantee you'll always end up with an honourable discharge.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jesus. Anyway, I was a bit surprised when I heard Massa wasn't getting a big send-off, can't for the life of me figure out why after 6 long years with Ferrari.
massa   Felipe Massa
Huh? What are you on about, they didn't fire me.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Oh yeah, that was it. Then there was Sutil - although I suppose nobody wants to go to a party where there are bars over the windows and all the glasses are made of plastic.
subtle   Adrian Sutil
I'll prove my innocence Fernando, and then I'll nail Force India for unfair dismissal.
TrulyJarno   Jarno Trulli
We must remember to see the positives in life Adrian, and remember that while nature may be unfair, it is that very unfairness which allowed the evolution of the most succulent grapes in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and the creation of our austere wines, perfect for any occasion including surprise farewell events.
Liuzzi   Vitantonio Liuzzi
Why is everyone going on about Jarno being the last Italian in F1? I drove in Brazil last year too.
HeidiHi   Nick Heidfeld
Don't worry about my big farewell Fernando, the party doesn't need to start for me, because for Nick Heidfeld the party never ends.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Apparently the career does end though, abruptly.

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