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Maldonaldo takes first victory for Williams in 8 years

Pastor Maldonaldo pulled off a historic win for Williams F1 by winning the Spanish GP from Alonso and Raikkonen. Not only his maiden win, it also ended a victory drought for Williams stretching back 8 years to the 2004 Brazilian GP won by Juan Montoya. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a long-time supporter of the driver tweeted his congratulations, "Our Pastor Maldonado won, making history. Bravo Pastor!".

15 May 2012 - Source
Williams   Frank Williams
Thank Christ, eight years... eight fucking years... finally.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Yep, fair play to McDonalds, no arguments he deserved it, doubled up with a pole and a win.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
I got pole really Nando, and I would have won without my penalty. Maldonaldo just lucked into it because the stewards don't like me.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Is it because you were bla... tantly underweight? Anyway, it's not every day I bother to lift a guy on my shoulders on the podium, Christ, even Raikkonen realised it was a nice moment.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jeez, that's almost as wildly exuberant as the comment from McDonald's engineer on the radio after he won. What was it again.."Well done".. understatement of the year.
Pastor   Pastor Maldonado
I would like to thank my sponsors PDVSA for the $46 million dollars they paid Frank to have me in the car, and also for their support of my dear friend El Presidente Chavez. All hail El Presidente! Bravo El Presidente!
ej   Eddie Jordan
I would like to expresss my opinion if I may that it is just magic that an established legendary team like Williams can come from the doldrums to produce a magic car and show that once you have that winning DNA you can always prevail. When will McLaren get their act together and get a pit-stop right? Finally, to finish my point it is just wonderful that relative minnows like Williams can come through like this and produce a moment of magic to show that the minnow teams can take on the older established teams and win.
Williams   Frank Williams
I don't get emotional Eddie, there's no such thing as magic, and the next time you call me a minnow I'll lock you for a bloody week in the Williams trophy room.
NigelErnestJamesMansellOBE   Nigel Mansell
Firstly I'd like to go on record as saying that I wish to congratulate my former employers on a wonderful achievement in winning again in F1 after such a long time. If you do get a chance to visit the Williams trophy room Eddie, whether willingly or under duress, you will be treated to a plethora of silverware, reflecting the team's rich success encompassing,and I should clarify, I believe this accurate as of the 2012 Spanish GP: 9 constructors titles, 7 drivers titles, 114 race victories, and 127 pole positions. As one of Williams' most successful drivers, I myself will be prominent among those trophies, whether it be from my first Williams career memorable for that heart-breaking puncture that cost me the title in Adelaide, to my second Williams career which included my record-breaking title season in 1992 and ended due to a failure to meet my financial demands for 1993, to the third and final chapter in my Williams career as a guest driver in 1994 culminating in the final win of my F1 career, and indeed my Williams career, as fate would have it, again in Adelaide.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
This is just... this can't be happening, it just can't be true.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Ah yes, I was looking forward to your reaction. You're hardly gone a wet week and they win a race, beautiful. Get the message now?
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
This is the worst possible news I could have heard. It is just so incredibly unfair that someone else is getting all the credit now for my two seasons of development work. It should have been me.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Nope, still not sinking in. Let me make it crystal clear then. It only took Williams 5 months and 5 races after you stopped giving your "development" input to deliver a winning car.
Williams   Frank Williams
I was looking for a win before my 80th birthday Rubens so tough titty. By the way Michael, I could have done without you punting off my other car.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Sorry about that Frank, I saw a Brazilian in a Williams and I couldn't help myself, by the time I realised it wasn't Rubens we were in the gravel.
JV   Jacques Villeneuve
It's not the first time you rammed a Williams now is it Michael? Controversial Jacques is going to stick his neck on the line here and say that having won one race with the revived Williams-Renault combination the last historic piece of the puzzle for continued success may be to get me back in the car.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
If only I'd clattered you as hard as I hit Bruno. You've got as much chance of getting back in the Williams as Engelbert Humperdinck has of winning the Eurovision. Anyway you weren't the last guy to win for Williams, it was another South American.
jpm   Juan Pablo Montoya
F**king Williams, I f**king did winned Brazil by awesomeness driving for those f**king guys. Williams f**king broke my f**king head, and the Maldonaldo done do look like Tessio from The Godfather.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Good spot there Burger Boy, but at least he doesn't look like the Michelin Man.

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