How Do You Hire an Immigration Lawyer

How Do You Hire an Immigration Lawyer

To hire an attorney for your immigration case, there are certain things you must do first. After being approved by the government, or if you’re self-sponsoring and want to apply for residency before citizenship, immigrant attorneys will go through your application and sort out any issues or complications that may arise. Once they are done with the formalities and requirements placed on them by law or court orders, immigration lawyers in Vaughan can free up their time and put it towards helping you out in more personal ways.

A good immigration lawyer can find information about you, your family, any past convictions, or even an old police record, but most importantly, your work experience. Your immigration lawyer will gather these bits of information from several sources, including government and court clerks’ offices, the police department, and most importantly, the employer you used to work for. Since getting citizenship is critical to your well-being, this process can take some time.

Once your immigration lawyer has gathered all the information, they’ll check out all this information with the government office that has jurisdiction over your case if they find any discrepancies or problems with an employment contract or other official documents related to you or someone in your family he’ll make proper corrections with that agency and hand everything back over to you so it can be sent over to immigration.

Your lawyer will also handle all the paperwork needed to file a certificate of citizenship with the United States government. This federal form is a requirement for becoming a citizen and is filled out by anyone who wants to apply for naturalization.

This process can take a long time, and there’s no point in getting as upset with your lawyer if they don’t have everything together by the time you need it. However, there are several reasons why this might happen, such as information not being gathered or sent over to immigration or your lawyer could get tied up in court. This can happen, but often it only takes an extra day or two to get everything together, and everything goes just fine.

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